Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Save Tons of Cash at the Next Auto Auction

Everyone wants to get a good deal on their next vehicle (who wouldn't...right?). When buying a vehicle from a dealer, the least you'll pay for a vehicle is the dealer's wholesale price (unless he's flipped his lid of course!). How do many of the used car dealers get their vehicles? They buy them from auctions. This article is about the auto auctions that the general public are allowed to participate in. For someone living in Wisconsin, there are three common types of Auto Auctions that the public is typically allowed to participate in.

The first of three that I'll mention is the 'online auto auction'. Two examples are eBay Motors and Yahoo Auctions. There are many aspects of online auctions that are very similar to auctions that occur in public. The people involve bid on a specific vehicle, and when a time limit expires, the top bidder takes the vehicle.

Sounds pretty simple huh? Well there are a few things you are going to need to watch out for. First, you won't see the vehicle until after you've bought it. This is probably the biggest drawback for obvious reasons. Second,it's often the case that the seller won't list the VIN#, so it's impossible to locate the car's history throu CARFAX. Third, you may have to drive quite a ways to pick the car up (or have it delivered to you which can be quite expensive).

The second of the three auctions I'm going to discuss here is the 'public auto auction'. The public auto auction is very much what it sounds like. It is the public auction of automobiles. Dealers often auction their cars off beginning at wholesale price. This is a good place to get a decent deal, but most cars will end up being sold (if sold at all) at or above wholesale prices.

The third and final type of auction that I am going to talk about is that of 'Police Auctions and Government Auctions'. There are typically two different types of vehicles up for auction here. First is the seized vehicle. These could be any automobiles either owned by or involved with someone who is participating in illegal activities. The second type of vehicle is that of the decommisioned vehicle. A good example of this would be that of a police car that had been used for five years and was replaced...the government would then auction the police car off. After attending a police or government auction, you'll realize that the decommissioned vehicles often sell for much less than the seized vehicles.

Regardless of which auction you choose to buy your car from, you need to be very careful. I'd like to offer two tips.
1) Don't buy a lemon
2) Never pay over blue book value for any of these cars

If you'd like to locate an Auto Auction near you, visit wisconsin auctions for a complete listing of the many public auctions going on throughout the wonderful State of Wisconsin! See you at the Auto Auction!

About the author:
Joshua Gore is the owner of, a Menomonie Wisconsin based auction listing site. lists public auctions throughout the state of Wisconsin. All auctions are searchable by item, date, location, or auctioneer and the site is free for the public to use. Visit Today!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Russian businessman bought scrap metal for million dollars

The Russian businessman, the shareholder of the several leading oil companies of Russia has been deceived by unknown swindlers.
It wished to buy the unique auto and soon he has contacted with several firms which specialize on orders of expensive things in Russia.

After one week, ostensibly representatives of one of firms(its name is not disclosed) have communicated with him and have suggested to buy unique model a Mercedes-Benz for 1 million dollars. They have sent the description and some photos of the car.  Has been discussed, that the car will be delivered to territory of Russia in the closed truck to avoid greater tax at customs.

As an advance payment and a payment for delivery, the businessman has transferred 200000$ to swindlers account. Was supposed, that the businessman will give other money to the driver of the truck as soon as the car will be delivered. In two weeks the car has been delivered. But instead of a prospective Mercedes, there there was an old rusty machine which could collapse at any moment.
After that swindlers have disappeared.
The driver of the truck knew nothing about prospective "deal".

Here some photos of this car. The name of the businessman is not disclosed.


Also the site publishes small interview to the victim:

Tell, how have you found people who could sold u a car?
- They have called to me, have told that they have unique model of a Mercedes and they are ready to sell it to me for 1 million dollars

Why did you believe them?
- They have sent photos and all documents. Besides they've presented themselves to be the employees of the well-known firm My friends have already worked with that firm, so I believed them. As it appeared, they have no attitude to that firm.

Why you have sent 200000$ on they account?
- They have told that this money are necessary to legalize all necessary papers andto organize transportation to Russia.

What will you do with the machine sent to you?
- Haha, I think that I shall leave it to myself for the memory.

Whether you will search for criminals?
- Yes, I have already addressed in Office of Public Prosecutor, but I do not think that it will result in something.

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